Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sakatah Colors Review & Giveaway

 I am especially excited about featuring Sakatah Colors on Mom-a-Logues.  Not only is Meg's beautiful shop located right here in my home state of Minnesota, but's it's named after one of my most favorite area's to camp, the Sakatah Trail Campground.

 A little note from Meg..

"At the time of starting this little business (way before loading items to Etsy), I needed a name that meant something to me and that would resonate with my community. Well, why not combine the two forms of therapy that have had deep impact on my life: Exercise and a creative outlet!?! Where I live in Southern Minnesota, an amazing all-season recreational trail, named the “Sakatah Trail,” runs close to my house. Being a runner, walker and biker the varied and contrasting fall colors along the trail were reminiscent of the yarns I had begun to work with in the Fall of 2012. Which is where this creative little dream began. Sakatah Colors was birthed out of a very difficult time in my life. I experienced postpartum anxiety and chronic migraines after having my first child. Those difficulties continued after my second, and, as a manner of distraction from the difficulty and pain, I dug out my sewing machine and tapped into skills untouched since a very young age. I found that they came back very quickly but with depth and precision. At that time, starting and finishing a project brought me great satisfaction and joy; not to mention the honor of experiencing someone wanting to purchase my creations.

And let's face it, here in Minnesota, we are always cold. Ok, I speak for myself. I am half Australian and my husband would tell you that makes me extra sensitive to frigid temperatures. Warm scarves is where I started; and lots of them.  Discovering all season fabrics propelled me into a vision for all scarves for every season with beautiful light bright fabric weights/prints and sweater scarves. Now Sakatah Colors is in a mode of product expansion. We are specializing not only in scarves but also girls’ and women’s Maxi Skirts, babies & girls’ leggings, babies & girls’ dresses, fitness headbands, nursing scarves and more. What a dream! I cannot help but make the little girls’ dresses, the moment my daughter puts them on, she looks at me with eyes that sparkle, twirls and says “ Mom, I am so pretty!” Yes, yes you are honey.

Goodness, how could I not make more?!

Mostly I sell locally at a beautiful store called Salvage Sisters in downtown Mankato, MN. Salvage Sisters carries all of my products, and when I have time and additional stock, I sell online and at Minnesota Art shows."

I simply adore Meg's passion and her true talent shines through each piece she creates.

Meg's headbands are no slip and headache free.  The bands have raw edges so that you are able to leave the band thick or fold over to make thin.  

With Fall coming up, I'm extra excited about wearing scarves again.  I love all the beautiful fabric designs Meg offers and will most likely add a few of these to my wardrobe soon. 

The children's clothing in Sakatah Colors are magnificent.  They are soft, trendy and stylish!

Meg offered to create a maxi skirt and matching headband for Alexa.  Alexa has been begging for a long maxi skirt all summer and I couldn't resist this one.  She has an edgy personality and can get by wearing absolutely anything, which is why I went with a darker fabric color for her.  

She is obsessed with this skirt. 

It's so soft, comfortable and easy for her to pull up over her swimsuit or wear for every day.  It folds over at the waist and is the perfect length to her ankles.  The jersey fabric offers her plenty of movement to make play time easy.
The matching headband is a total bonus.  She loves to wear it with her skirt or pair it with other outfits.  She also loves to mix and match tank top colors with her skirt depending on her mood.  She gives it a huge thumbs up!!

"While Sakatah Colors gained momentum and knowing that I wanted to leave a worthwhile legacy for my wonderful children, I knew the anchor of the business’ existence had to be "giving back.”. I sew for a purpose. We live for a purpose. Toward this end, I have started a project called Hats of Hope. A percentage of every Sakatah Colors purchase funds Chemotherapy Hats for those battling Cancer in the Mankato, MN and surrounding communities. I organize groups of volunteers from the community who give their time on weekend afternoons to cut, sew and pin Chemo Turbans. These provide warmth and comfort for those in such need. This vision is why Sakatah Colors exists, a passing on of something that would enrich a life."

Sakatah Colors ::  Etsy :: Facebook :: Instagram :: Website

Meg is offering one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner a maxi skirt of choice (size infant - teen) from her collection.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Birdie B's Boutique Review & Giveaway

I have a special feature today that I am super excited to share with you!  

Birdie B's is a custom children's clothing boutique owned by the lovely Tania, a loving wife to her amazing husband and a stay at home mother to her 3 precious boys and 1 very tenacious little girl.
She started sewing before her first baby was born, making a window seat that they could both enjoy.  She then started sewing fun little outfits for her little ones.  After having her daughter 3 years ago, her love of sewing adorable little outfits escalated and Birdie B's was born.  Since then, Tania has had a blast creating unique items not only for her own children, but also for many others.

"At birdie b's, we think that all children can look great and be comfortable. By using classic designs along with fun fabrics, birdie b's creates clothing that children love to wear, no matter where their adventures may take them. Because we use high quality cottons, your birdie b's can be handed down or saved for the next generation. We also believe that dressing your children well shouldn't break the bank.
I make everything myself in my smoke free pet free home. I can also create custom orders so please feel free to contact me."

I fell in love with Birdie B's immediately because of Tania's amazing fabric choices.  There is not a single one that I don't like or couldn't see my daughters wearing.  They are so sweet and whimsical.  She also offers such a wide selection of dress designs, which is great because every little girl is different in what she likes and doesn't like. 

I personally love the more fitted dresses on my girls with the flutter sleeves shown below.

These are just a few design options that Tania offers.  She also creates dresses with longer sleeves for the cooler months and takes custom orders, too.  Her talents are endless and she is determined to make her customers happy with the final result.

She was extra generous and sent Alexa and Lilli these beautiful pink and blue woodland theme dresses with elastic around the bodice and a flutter sleeve.

I can't get over the cuteness!! 

My husband's aunt passed away a few weeks ago and these lovely dresses arrived the day before her funeral.  The funeral was more of a celebration of her life and we were to wear bright colors, fancy flowers in our hair and lots of 'bling' because that's exactly what Aunt Toni liked and would have wanted.  Another thing that Aunt Toni loved was animals.  So, having the girls wear their Birdie B dresses with the horses and big blingy flowers in their hair was absolutely perfect.  They got so many compliments and most importantly we knew Aunt Toni loved seeing them dressed so beautifully for her day!

Tania does such amazing work.  The dresses are made professionally and with the highest quality fabric.  They are undeniably precious!!  We can't thank her enough for making these special for our girls.

Birdie B's :: Etsy :: Facebook :: Website

Tania would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner a $25 GC to spend as you wish in her shop.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Expressive Boutique Review & Giveaway

Online boutiques are sort of becoming my thing.  Shopping online is just so easy and convenient.  I still like to try my clothes on before I buy, but when it comes to accessories and other things, you just can't go wrong.

Expressive Boutique offers a collection of sweet baby girl shoes with matching hair accessories in so many fun color combos.  I wish I would have known about them when my girls were bitty babies.  There is no doubt I would have gotten them a pair of each to match all their cute clothes. 

 But, what I love even more is their elastic hair ties and jewelry for myself!!  I'm a huge fan of the elastic hair ties, they are so much easier and gentler on my hair and I often catch myself wearing them as a bracelet, too. 

Katie is the wonderful owner of Expressive Boutique and was so sweet to send me a couple collections of her hair ties.  I love the anchor set as well as the solid colors.  Perfect for these hot summer days when all I wanna do is throw my hair in a top knot and call it a day.

She also sent me this amazing turquoise anchor bracelet.  Another fabulous summer accessory!!  I absolutely love this color and pair it with many of my summer outfits.

Expressive Boutique :: Online :: Facebook

Katie is offering THREE lucky Mom-a-Logues winners a choice of one bracelet and a set of hair ties from her collection.

The Sweet Little Lemon Review & Giveaway

I am so excited to showcase The Sweet Little Lemon on Mom-a-Logues today.  We are pretty big sports fans in our house and are die hard Minnesota fans through and through.  So, whenever I come across sporty little attire for my girls, I just can't resist.  Theresa is the owner and designer of this Etsy boutique and she just couldn't be sweeter. 

"I am a cosmetologist, a “photographer-in-training”, a crafter, a sewer, the ultimate DIY’er and an Etsy shop owner. Most importantly, I am the aunt to 12 amazing nieces and nephews, all who have served as the inspiration behind my Etsy shop, The Sweet Little Lemon. I began by making things for them from blankets and costumes to headbands and accessories until I was introduced to the wonderful world of Etsy. I decided to open a shop of my own and here I am! I hope you’ll take the time to stop by my shop and explore all the items I have available, I’m always creating new things and always adding more, so be sure to stop back often. I also love custom orders. I would be glad to help you create your ideal item with a special lemon twist!"

I'm pretty obsessed with these baby blankets/play mats.  It makes me super excited for my younger brothers to start having kids because no matter what gender they are, they're going to love sports like their parents and what better gift than to start them off on the right foot of loving our favorite sports/teams.

It's a complete bonus that you can add personalization AND material promoting your favorite team on the back.  Go team go!!

Despite the cuteness of the blankets, I just can't get over the pure amazingness (yes, adding 'ness' to these adjectives doesn't necessarily make them words (thanks spell check) but it definitely adds to the utter awesome'ness' that is The Sweet Little Lemon") that is Theresa's clothing.  She designed these darling Minnesota Twin's pillowcase style dresses for my girls and I literally squealed when I saw them.  My dad especially is the biggest MN Twins fan in our family and reminds his little granddaughters often who to cheer for.  I cannot wait to take them to a game at Target Field so they can show these dresses off.

When I first asked Theresa about a MN Twins themed dress, I was a little unsure she would be able to deliver.  I like buy handmade, but I'm not necessarily in the know as to how hard it is to find fabrics and the different sport logos, ect.  But, she didn't even skip a beat...and delivered the most AMAZING dresses that so nicely depict our favorite baseball team.  Not only that, they are super well made!  Hooray for good quality!

I may be a little biased but I think my girls are the cutest little MN Twins fans!!!!

Just as I asked for a custom design from Theresa, so can you.  She is able to create something special for you in any team, color combo you wish.


Theresa is offering a 20% discount off your total purchase to all Mom-A-Logues readers! Just use the coupon code BLOG20 at check out!

Be sure to find The Sweet Little Lemon on Facebook and be the first to hear about what Theresa working on, new items listed in the shop, giveaways and special discounts exclusive for her Facebook followers!

The Sweet Little Lemon :: Etsy :: Facebook

Theresa is offering one lucky Mom-a-Logues reader a sports dress of your choice (baseball, basketball, football or hockey).  Size 6-12 mo - 8/9 yrs.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dream Duffel Review

Christmas morning has nothing on the day my girls' Dream Duffel showed up on our doorstep.
The excitement was overwhelming!  

My girls have only been in dance one year, but they pretty much jumped in head first and have no plans to come up for air.  They are head over heels in love with their studio and all the classes they've been able to take.  We experienced their first major dance recital in June and I have to honestly chalk it up to one of the most fun weekends of our lives so far.  Seeing my little girls up there on that big stage, dancing away to every beat just made this mama bear's heart soar.  To read all about it, click HERE!

They each took four classes, which means 8 dances, 8 costumes, 6 pair of shoes, 6 pair of tights, 2 hair pieces, make-up, safety pins, bobbi pins.....and a whole bunch of chaos.  I was so stressed out just getting them ready for picture day let alone their recital where they had to change costumes back stage and in less than 3 minutes time sometimes.  YIKES!!!  

Enter the ONE thing that can alleviate the stress and keep all your dance gear organized......THE DREAM DUFFEL!

It looks like a giant suitcase on wheels, right??  WRONG!  It is SO.MUCH.MORE!!!!

This incredible duffel is literally a dancers dream come true.  This thing is large enough to carry all your costumes, shoes, accessories, snacks and so so so much more.

The front features two pockets, one of which is insulated for snacks and a water bottle.  Often times recital's or dance competitions last an entire day, so having an insulated spot to carry your lunch/dinner or snack is such a huge bonus.

The Dream Duffel features other outside pockets, too, that will carry a little stool, make-up and other accessories.

But, probably the most useful thing about the Dream Duffel is that it has a one-touch telescoping garment rack.  

I am telling you, there is nothing more handy than having a place to hang all your costumes during recital.  You dance moms out there know exactly how chaotic it can be during quick costume changes where there is such little time in between numbers.  Having this garment rack is a lifesaver for keeping costumes off the floor and from getting trampled on and lost.

There is also many mesh pockets lining the inside to hold shoes, accessories and more.  There is no excuse to be unorganized anymore dancers.

The inside of the Dream Duffel is huge.  This is the medium size and offers a large amount of space to hold up to 9 costumes (I've even heard from some that you can squeeze in more).
There are hooks on the sides inside the duffel that you can hook the hangers on to lay the costumes all flat so they won't bunch up while the duffel is upright and traveling.

Watch this quick video on how to set up and take down your Dream Duffel.


 - The Dream Duffel comes in 3 sizes; small (22x17x15) , medium (26x16x17) 
and large (34x18x17).

- The small dream duffel will hold up to 5 costumes, the medium up to 9 costumes and the large up to 15 costumes.

- Each duffel includes a one touch telescoping garment rack, with a new rack height of 52".

- Dream Duffel's include an insulated snack pocket.

- 2 blank patches are included that are found on the top and side of the Dream Duffel's.  They can be embroidered for personalization through the Dream Duffel website.  

My girls have just begun the wonderful world of dance and I am happy to have them continue their journey with an amazing Dream Duffel that will not only keep them organized, but me as well.  Being they are still pretty young and need help backstage, I couldn't have asked for a better product.  The quality and design is top notch and well worth the money spent.  We look forward to using it this season as they join the competition teams at their studio.

Be sure to check out all the amazing accessories that Dream Duffel offers.  I will be ordered some garment bags very soon.  Another fabulous way to keep all the girls' costumes together with pockets for shoes, tights, accessories..ect. I cannot wait!!  

Dream Duffel is offering a SALE right now on a select number of their Dream Duffel's.  And visit their factory second's page, too, for more great deals.

Follow Dream Duffel on Facebook :: Instagram :: Twitter :: Pinterest 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Home Sewn Couture Review & Giveaway

Allow me to tell you about one of the cutest little Etsy shops I've recently found, Home Sewn Couture.

I am always on the look out for amazing handmade dresses for my girls.  I love dressing them up, taking them out and having people ask me WHO made that adorable dress, instead of asking where I bought it.  I of course gush about Danielle and her beautiful Etsy boutique.  

Danielle was so sweet to create these darling dresses for Alexa and Lillian.  She is a mama herself and knew that if she made one for one of my girls, the other would want one, too.  Alexa's eyes widened HUGE when we pulled these dresses out of the package.  She is my little fashionista and really knows what she likes and what she doesn't.  With one look and one feel of the fabric, she was in love.  She literally stripped down right then and there in the middle of the kitchen to put on her beautiful new dress.

It's such a unique design and flows so freely.  She just can't get enough of it.  She couldn't wait to show Lilli her special dress.  And again, we got wide eyes and a big smile from her when she saw her giraffe print dress.

Danielle does exceptional work and goes over and beyond to create clothing that is one of a kind and unique.  We are very pleased.

Danielle offers a variety of different designs in her dresses and a gorgeous selection of fabrics.  

She also offers a collection of fun legwarmers for your crawlers or to keep those chubby little legs warm in the cooler months.

I also love this set of monthly onsies in camo.  

Home Sewn Couture :: Etsy :: Facebook 

Danielle is offering one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner a dress just like Alexa's (your choice size ranging from 6 months to 8 years)

Olivia & Jane Review & Giveaway

I'm always about comfort over style when it comes to clothing.  If I'm not comfortable in it, I'm certain it doesn't look good on me either.  But, at Olivia & Jane - you can be comfortable AND stylish.  

For the busy on-the-go mom's...I couldn't think of a better boutique to fall in love with.  Comfort, style and affordability all at your fingertips.

My go-to item when I'm at home or running errands is yoga pants and a t-shirt.  There just isn't anything more comfortable than that.  Olivia & Jane sent me a collection of there items to try including their black seamless capri leggings, grey extra long thick strap layering tank, extra-long long sleeved crew-neck shirt and an extra long v-neck tee.  Let's just say these amazing pieces fit perfectly into my wardrobe.  But, my favorite part is that they are all extra long.  I'm not a tall girl by any means, but I do happen to have a super long torso and freakishly long ape arms.  It's so hard to find tops that are the right length for me in both the body and arms.  And layering has been the 'thing' for awhile now and I'm super happy about incorporating more of that into my every day.  I love that the grey tank can be worn with many of the other shirts hanging in my closet.  And the fact that it's seamless is even better!

I am so impressed with my new clothes from Olivia & Jane. I could definitely see every single item they offer in my wardrobe.  Especially that chevron tank below.


These cute cardigans would be perfect for fall and an easy choice to layer with your extra long tank or tee.

Olivia & Jane also offer a collection of fashion accessories including scarves, wallets, jewelry and more.

Be sure to check into their website daily for the 'daily deal'.  

For more information visit Olivia & Jane :: Website :: Facebook :: Pinterest :: Twitter

Olivia & Jane is offering one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner a $50 GC to spend in their shop!!!