Thursday, September 12, 2013

Treasures from Sally Review & Giveaway

I am so happy for the opportunity to feature Sally and her amazing treasures that are all showcased in her Etsy shop, Treasures from Sally.

Here are some sweet words about Sally from her daughter....

"Sally makes treasures.  She has her entire life.  Everyone who has ever known Sally has been given one of a kind, incredible treasures handcrafted by Sally herself.  Many friends' homes have been decorated for holidays, parties and weddings by Sally, with specially made treasures for the occasions.  Sally's two daughters have watched these treasures be create throughout their lives and have even helped create their own from time to time because Sally taught them all she knows.  Sally has never been formally trained in any field of art, has always been completely self taught and follows no patterns.  She prides herself on that and the fact that she has instilled such an imagination in her two girls.

Over time, her daughters and friends thought it would be best for Sally to start sharing more of her treasures with the world - they thought she should start selling.  Sally being a giver her whole life had no idea how to do such a thing, and little desire to figure it out on her how, so her daughters vowed to help her start selling her treasures to those who were interested.  They sold at a handful of craft fairs around San Diego in 2009 and took a number of notes on that they thought they needed to do to improve and grow.  In early December 2010, Sally and her daughters started selling at the Point Loma Certified Farmer's Market and Craft Fair on a weekly basis.  In April 2011, she started selling at the brand new Golden Hill Farmer's Market.  The people who took the time to discover Sally's treasures were amazed at the quality of her work, the uniqueness and the love that was clearly present in every piece created.

Sally and her treasures have gained a growing, loyal fan base which has made Sally's heart soar.  The past ten or so years have been riddled with very bumpy roads, poor health and serious setbacks that could have very easily taken Sally's love of creating and decorating away..but, thankfully, that hasn't happened.  Sally has always taught her girls that there isn't more more important in life than being happy...creating treasures and sharing them with those interested, spending the day (wo)maning her booth with her daughters and their youngest daughters fiance who helps out when he has the day off, designing new treasures from random ideas she and her girls have...those are the things that make Sally happiest.  Purchasing her treasures make all of this possible, so to those of you who have bought from her?  Those of you who have commissioned work from her?  Those who have stopped by and provided kind words about her treasures?  Thank you Thank you Thank you!"

I love all the sweet things Sally's daughter had to say about her.  She sounds like a genuine lady who has a passion for crafting.  I vouch for her when she says Sally is a "giver" because she was so generous in sending Alexa and Lilli some sweet hats from her collection.

This darling black, white and orange hat is from Sally's Fall/Halloween collection, but it also happens to be the girls' school colors, so it's perfect for them to wear this Fall and for 'school spirit" days.

The girls also received a lovely purple hat with a lime green and orange flower, perfect for spring and a couple Christmas inspired hats, as well. 

I think there is something to say for handmade items that are made with a whole lot of passion and love, because we can just 'feel' how special they are.  The girls love to accessorize and these hats will become a staple item in their wardrobe this Fall/Winter.

Sally's creations are high-quality and durable.  The flowers and embellishments are all secure and provide an amazingly stylish hat for little girls.

Harry Potter Fans - - be sure to check out Sally's Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff & Slytherin scarves - an excellent choice for Halloween costumes, or to keep warm during the cooler months.

Sally uses high-quality acrylic yarn that is incredibly vibrant in color and machine washable.
She also chose this yarn because it depicts the Hogwarts colors especially well.  

The scarves measure approx. 6" wide and 6.5' long.  It features beautiful tassels instead of your typical fringe. 

If you need a different size or would like to order in quantities, Sally is happy to accommodate.

I can see a group of kids wearing these for Halloween and dressing up as their favorite Harry Potter characters.

Fall is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to stock up on some warm and cozy Fall accessories.  This sunflower hat is a must-have!

Need a sweet little costume for baby this upcoming Halloween?
There is nothing cuter than a little Frankenbaby - scar and all!

This lovely set screams 'little girl'.  
I just love it and almost wish that my girls were still small enough to wear it!

Sally's 'sets' are also sold separately, so if you prefer just the diaper cover or just the beanie - that is definitely something she will do for you.

Sally has a gorgeous Fall collection, but she's already planning ahead for Winter and Christmas, too.
She has some fabulous beanies that are embellished with little snowflakes, gingerbread men and more.

Sally's treasures are just that...treasures!  

Her little hats are something that my girls will cherish and use for many years!

Treasures from Sally :: Etsy :: Facebook

Sally would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner this sweet pumpkin hat, just in time for Fall/Halloween.

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