Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Clara Clips Review & Giveaway

I am pleased to be featuring the lovely Robyn from Clara Clips today!!  She offers a one-of-a-kind felt and fabric shop that features felt hair clips, hair bands, button rings and bobby pins, bookmarks and finger puppets, iphone cases and brooches.

"If you'd have told me five years ago that I'd have 3 lovely daughters, be staying home with them, and . . . sewing? I'd have laughed in your face. But you know what they say . . . If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans :)

My original plan was to get an honours English degree (check), go to Teacher's College to teach high school (check) and secure a contract teaching job (not so much!). When the Ontario teaching job market took a nose dive, I thought maybe I should start a family instead.

When I had my baby girl, my life changed completely. I found I really had no desire to look for work outside the home at all. Being the perfectionist that I am, I knew the classroom would get my best hours and my daughter would get the leftovers. Not cool. I am so blessed that I have a husband who fully supports this family and is actually excited to have me stay home.

And yet, as much as I love being with my daughter, I wanted something of my own. One day at the Mom2Mom group at my church, we made a very simple craft--a heart hair clip made out of felt. I was officially hooked!

Since then I've opened shop here, bought supplies here, expanded my product line, and my love of stitching and creating only grows! The best part is I still get to be with my daughters and work on my own schedule.

**About What I Make**
I love to make original, hand-cut, hand-stitched pieces that speak to my own style and personality. Occasionally I will dabble in machine sewing and pre-cut shapes, but most of the items in my shop are 100% handmade and had their origins in my own little head. I lean to toward a cute and folksy aesthetic, so that's mostly what you'll find here. When my shop is running at full speed, I'll usually have 100+ items for sale and be happy to make a custom order for you. When I need to slow down (like now, since I had my third little one just this past October), I'll have closer to 50 items and list ready-made pieces only. Please feel free to contact me with your inquiries regardless!" ~ Robyn

I just love that after having her daughter, she was inspired to stay home and create this business as a way to provide for her family and keep her creative juices flowing.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Clara Clips.

Daschund Weiner Dog Felt Hair Clip
This is my all time favorite clip in Robyn's shop, obviously - doesn't it look just like our dog, Chip?  Only he'd be wearing a green collar.  We love our weiner dog and finding pieces to represent him is so fun for the girls.  

Also know that all jair clips can be made into brooches or bookmarks, or added to a matching hair band.  

Pink Rose Cluster and Lace Wool Felt Covered Headband
These hand rolled, wool felt roses are paired with vintage style lace for this girly and elegant hair accessory.  The hair band is completely covered in felt and hand-stitched together.  With the soft felt covering the headband, it offers a more comfortable fit and doesn't give you that headband headache.  

Many fun flower options to choose from.  A must for every little girls collection.

Red Apple Bookworm Felt Bookmark PaperClip
This is such a fun and clever idea to help keep your place in your favorite book.  

They are hand-cut, hand-stitched and sewn to a 2" clip that looks a lot nicer than your average paper clip.

These sweet bookmarks would make excellent gifts for your favorite teacher or that special bookworm in your life.  I'm thinking Alexa might like to see these in her Christmas stocking??

Little Red Riding Hood Finger Puppets
How fun is this sweet little finger puppet set?  Make the words on the page come to life with each character ~ toddlers and children will be able to be creative and let their imaginations soar having the puppets to tell the story.

What a unique and special gift these would make!

iPhone cases

Robyn was so generous to send Alexa and Lillian a couple hair accessories from her collection.

The bright butterfly clip is a favorite of Lilli's.  She likes to clip it into her pony tail or uses it to hold her hair back from her face.  It's such a cute piece and matches many of her brightly colored outfits!!  We also love that it's a snap style clip because it seems to hold better in the girls' hair.

Both of the girls love to take turns wearing the Matryoshka Doll covered button on a white elastic hairband to their dance classes.  Paired with their ballet bun's it's just about the cutest thing - ever!

Everything in Robyn's shop is her own designs.  They are all hand-cut and hand-stitched by her!  So, you know you won't find these pieces anywhere else!!

Clara's Clips :: Etsy :: Facebook :: Instagram :: Robyn's other Etsy Shop Delia Lane

Robyn would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner a $20 GC to spend as you wish in her darling shop.


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