Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Grace & Lace Review & Giveaway

Being absolutely giddy with excitement to feature Grace & Lace on Mom-a-Logues is the understatement of the year.  
It's such an honor to work with Melissa and wear her product!

"I've always been a DIY kinda girl.  I grew up with a mom who always made homemade play-dough, birthday cakes and sewed our dance costumes.  So I learned to 'sew a straight line' very early in age.

In the spring of 2010 I was five months pregnant with a little girl.  I was at a routine doctor's visit when I was suddenly told the devastating news that I would give birth to our daughter within 24 hours and that she wouldn't survive.  I was rushed into emergency surgery to try to save her, and then there I was, laying horizontal in the hospital for the rest of my pregnancy.  The days of strict confined bed rest were L O N G.  Since I couldn't even sit up, I just had to do something with my hands!  So I started with a vision to crotchet this time baby girl a blanket.  And thus started and spurred my desire to sew sew sew.

I lived in the hospital for two weeks until doctors could no longer stop the labor.  Our very tiny but oh-so-perfect baby girl was born.  With lungs not yet developed enough to survive on her own, the Lord took her straight to Heaven.

Though heart wrenching and devastating, I truly believe that our of this great tragedy has come my greatest victory.

My love for sewing, and all things knits grew.  Late Fall 2011, I made my first pair of women's boot socks.  Everywhere I would go people would stop and ask me where I got them.  I put them up for sale online and in a matter of days I was overwhelmed with orders I could not possibly fulfill on my own.  Now, 2 years later, we have sold over 50,000 of these lacey, frilly boot socks and leg warmers.  We have grown so rapidly that we have now evolved into an official company with trademarked designs, a full studio and warehouse, and friends and family as staff."
 ~ Melissa

Leg Warmers


Arm Warmers

Hair Accessories

Lace Peep Socks

Babies & Girls

Melissa was so generous to send me a pair of her Nellie Knit leg warmers in off-white.  

I used to wear leg warmers as a kid and now both my girls are obsessed with them, so I was really excited for a pair (in adult size) that I could cozy up in.  I very much love that I can wear them cutsie around the house on these chilly Minnesota evenings as well as wear them with a pair of boots or flats and look more fashionable than I actually am. ;)

They are so warm and comfortable and I'm not going to lie...when my girls both complimented me wearing them the other day made me feel really great.  Alexa (age 9) is my fashion queen, so for her to say something nice about my wardrobe is HUGE.

What's even more fun is that Grace & Lace also has a little girls collection so perhaps some Christmas shopping needs to be done. ;)

Looking for a great Christmas gift for a sister or friend...or even something to treat yourself?  Grace and Lace is such a beautiful shop full of many fashionable goodies - boot cuffs/socks, legwarmers, scarves, clothing and more.

Grace & Lace :: Website :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram

Melissa would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner the Nellie Knit Leg Warmers in off-white like the ones I received.


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