Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mod 86 Designery Review & Giveaway

I am so excited about featuring Anji from Mod 86 Designery today on Mom-a-Logues. 

Anji creates a unique variety of calendar planners, travel planning,  meal planning planners and even bill organizers.

Here is a snippet of how Angi got started designing her planner's and what makes each of them special...

"I design all of my calendar layouts and only a limited selection of covers.  I have never used a planner until a couple years ago (I'm 24!) and never realized how useful they really are - Now I've taken it into an obsession.

My first planner I designed was actually a school project.  (I was going to college for graphic design)  I loved designing it and had gotten great feedback from my instructor.

One day I heard about Etsy from a news story on TV.  I was amazed by what this website was all about, it got me to thinking, and decided to give Etsy a try.  I am so glad I did!
This has helped me learn a lot about myself and what I enjoy to do.

I love to try and create something unique and pretty as well as functional.

What truly makes me different?
I design ALL of the calendar pages myself.
Each planner design is unique.
I print off my laser printer with 28 lb. 100% recycled paper, unless otherwise noted.
A lot of work and care, (sometimes tedious) is taken when cutting, binding and assembling by hand from my Minnesota home."


With my busy lifestyle, as a working mom of 2 active little girls, it's pretty much impossible to function without having some sort of calendar of weekly events or a handy dandy planner to reference every day.

I was so excited that Anji offered to let me try one of hers out and was pleasantly surprised at how much she designed it to accommodate my needs.

But, let's start with how beautiful the design is...

I had many favorites, but this particular design stood out to me!!  I love the colors and the flower pattern.
It's also available in this same design, but different color tones.

I was also really excited about getting it personalized with my name on it - you can choose to say whatever you'd like to make it yours, maybe something like "Mommy's Planner" would be cute, too!

I also love the rubber band feature that holds the planner closed and there is also a pen holder inside for your convenience.

After choosing the cover design, you get to also select what type of layout you prefer.

I chose the 'bird' layout, as I thought it fit my 'planner style' and looked to be the most efficient for my scheduling.

I love that it has tab dividers for each month and at the beginning it features the full month calendar, and then breaks them down by week.  So, you can kind of get the picture of what your month will look like and then for a less overwhelming view, you can just look at the week-by-week.  

There are also sections on the side of the weekly layout that offer you to make notes and make shopping lists.

I have loved using this planner for the last month and I have it filled for our upcoming events through the rest of the year.  

Another awesome thing to note is that I don't know about you, but my 'year' is from school year to school year not necessarily Jan-Dec., so Anji was able to create my calendar to start in September and end the following September!


Layout Options

Address Books

Meal Planners
Every planner is 12 months, but Anji offers the option to add 6 additional months onto your calendar.  

Anji was so fun and easy to work with and all the different cover designs and layout options make it very convenient to have the planner that works the best for you!

Mod 86 Designery :: Etsy :: Facebook

Anji is offering ALL Mom-a-Logues readers a 15% discount by using coupon code MAL24 when ordering.

Anji would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner a customized medium planner from her collection.


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