Monday, October 21, 2013

Nessa's Nest Review & Giveaway

 I'm so pleased to be featuring Vanessa and her shop Nessa's Nest on Mom-a-Logues today!  

Nessa's Nest is an eclectic shop where you'll find affordable handmade creations including all natural soap, aprons, wristlets and more.

"I'm Vanessa and I'm from Maple Grove, Minnesota. I've been married for 33 years and still madly in love with my husband :) We have 5 grown children, and 4 grandchildren.

Sewing has been my passion since I was 12 years old. Everything here is made and designed by me. I LOVE fabric stores and I love to recycle, and most of my leather items are recycled from leather jackets, etc, found in thrift stores,which makes them affordable for you :) I also purchase leather remnants from a fabric warehouse and sometimes I purchase new leather. I have 3 sewing machines...a 1937 Singer, a 1951 Singer, and a new Janome, but I like my old Singers best!

My love of soap making got started in November 2011. My soaps are 100% natural, lather very nicely, and are very moisturizing on your skin. My soaps make great party favors for bridal and baby showers. I can package them up in colors to match your theme; blue for baby boy, pink for baby girl, and your wedding colors, ect. I usually
have plenty of soap on hand but for extra large orders, I need 4 weeks to process a custom soap order. (soap needs that long to cure)

Here's a little info about soap making.....
When homemade soap is made, glycerin is naturally derived from the oils but in
commercial soap, they take out all that nice glycerin and add it to other products such
as lotions, hair care, etc., and that is why commercial soap is so drying on your

Vanessa offers a variety of aprons in her shop, for men, women and children.  They are featured in so many fun fabric designs for the kitchen or while tending the grill.  I love this martini apron, but I also love the blueberry muffins and the lobster.

Fabric Wristlets & Bags

Leather Wristlets & Bags
I love featuring my home-state's talented artists...and Vanessa is no exception!  GO TWINS!  She also has a VIKINGS one, too!

As she mentioned, most of her leather for her designs comes from leather jackets that she has thrifted.  I love that she can be creative with things that are of no use to one person, but with her art, she can turn them into something useful and amazing for someone else.  And it's certain that there won't be another quite like it.  Each one is hand cut and sewn by Vanessa, so each piece showcases it's very own unique qualities.

These awesome wristlets are great for carrying in your purse as a wallet, or to take on a quick trip to the store....or a Twin's game!  It's the perfect size for your cellphone, keys, ID, credit card and cash.

You will have a hard time choosing a favorite from her collection.  There are so many neat designs!  Vanessa also creates throw pillows and key fobs with re-purposed leather.

All Natural Soap
Vanessa offers her all natural handmade soap in a variety of different scents that include olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, avacado oil, castor oil, distilled water, lye, and other essential oils.  Each bar lists the ingredients on the back.

Her soap is a cold process soap and she lets it cure for a month before packaging.  Each bar weighs approx 4.5-5 oz. - each is hand cut so each bar may vary in size a bit.

Vanessa's decoratively packages each bar of soap which makes it perfect for gift giving.  She uses cotton fabric to wrap it and twine to tie it.  The twine is actually recycled from a burlap bag that she unraveled! She is the ultimate recycler!! 

Vanessa was so generous to send me not only a bar of soap from her collection, but also a handmade red leather wristlet, too!

This wristlet is so much fun and very unique.  Vanessa told me that this specific wristlet was made from a red leather jacket she found at the thrift store.  If you look closely, you can see a design in the leather on the right side, which was part of the jacket.  I love how she incorporated the details in the jacket onto the wristlet.

Inside the wristlet is a beautiful red flower pattern that corresponds well with the red leather and ruby embellishments.  It also features a small pocket in the inside that it perfect for a credit card or ID.  It's such a beautiful piece!

Vanessa also sent me a bar of her all natural soap.  And I'll go ahead proclaim my honesty - I haven't actually used this yet....

It's just too pretty and smells so good to use (yes, I'm one of those!).  I have it sitting on the sink in our guest bathroom and just love walking in there to the smell of the....  And it's decorated so nicely that it makes perfect decor!

Nessa's Nest :: Etsy :: Facebook

Vanessa would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner a soap set from her collection.  
Includes: 1 basil spearmint, 1 grapefruit and 1 rosemary mint


  1. Vanessa Thanks for the giveaway! Love your purses!

  2. I love this pillow!