Sunday, November 17, 2013

j Bee & T. Review

j. Bee & T. is a team of two hip and fun moms.  Sewing, knitting and crocheting are their hobbies and has become more permanent in their lives through the births of their two children.  

Before their children they put a lot of energy into their which they were and still are passionate about.  The combination of an Optician and an Interior Designer results into great products, where a lot of attention is given to details and precision.  Basically, they aren't happy until the product is perfect.

When it comes to variety - these ladies have it ALL!  
From hats to toys - for babies and children!

They were so generous to make Alexa and Lillian some warm winter hats.

They specialize in custom beanies for the whole family, so I knew these would make the perfect hats for the girls.  They use a bamboo mix for their winter collection and a 100% cotton yarn for the spring/summer collection.

They had a wide variety of colors to choose from and we selected the black for Alexa and pink for Lillian.

Alexa simply ADORES her j. Bee & T. beanie. It's her go-to hat when it's especially chilly.  It not only goes perfectly with her winter coat, but it's also very very warm and soft.

Lilli loves to wear hers as a fun pink fashion accessory with her pretty clothes.  The design of the hat is just so unique and perfect for her fashionable style.  I know I am biased, bout does she get much cuter?

We are so impressed with the quality design and materials used for these unbelievable hats.  They will get so much use this winter.  And, don't tell Alexa - but, I've been known to borrow her black hat to wear myself.  

Here are some of the other amazing creations from j. Bee & T.

They make all models of their footwear in sizes up to 12 months.  For the winter season they make the 'mini uggies' in the bamboo blend.  And all are available in your personal color variations.

These droolers are especially helpful for those teething babies and toddlers that are constantly getting their shirts soaking wet from drool.  Not only are they super handy and functional, they are very fun and fashionable, too - AND they are reversible.  So, two fun fabrics in one.

Hat/Shoe & Toy Set

Tea Set

Hats/Footwear & Toys

The ladies of j. Bee & T. are so very creative and especially talented women.  They offer so many unique products for babies and children.  If you're looking for something special for this holiday season, be sure to check them out - they would be happy to create the perfect gift for you!

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