Sunday, November 24, 2013

Swoon Paper Market Review & Giveaway

SwoOn Paper Market is an innovative event branding company with a knack for making paper pretty.

Lauren is the lovely owner and designer of this beautiful online boutique 

The word swoon evokes feelings of love, butterflies in your stomach, and more joy; the feelings Lauren experiences when she sees a new SwoOn invitation design printed for the first time, or when she imagine's-up a concept for a first birthday party that perfectly matches the personality of the little one.

Their designs are whimsical with a modern twist and an unmistakably hand-made feel. The folks at SwoOn Paper Market never wants anything they create to feel mass-produced or 'expected'.  Lauren loves to incorporate bright colors, like a pop of chartreuse, with more subtle earth-tones; sharp shapes with hand-painted floral elements.

They offer custom services a la cart and through bundle packages, including custom hand-painted event invitations and signature event logos.  Through the SwoOn Etsy shop, you can order pre-made event details, from digital downloads that come customized, to wood burned cake toppers that will spruce up any event.

Cake Toppers

Digital Prints


Lauren was so sweet to send my girls some fabulous cake toppers for their birthday's.  

Since they shared a birthday party this year, we just used one of the toppers atop their chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Please forgive my unoriginalness (<----- clearly, not a word - thanks spell check!)  with the cake, but that was the week I had the stomach flu and they girls were lucky that they even had a birthday party.  They were a little disappointed that there weren't any sprinkles, but then I surprised them by putting on their SwoOn Paper Market cake topper and they were SO happy.  It really spruced up their very boring cake and it was a hit with all their guests.

It is so beautifully created - very chic and modern!!

We are excited that we are able to reuse them for many years to come.

SwoOn Paper Market :: Etsy :: Facebook :: Pinterest :: Twitter :: Instagram

Lauren would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner a custom cake topper from her collection.


  1. This party time topper is adorable!

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