Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Cotton Road Review & Giveaway

When I find amazing shops like The Cotton Road it really inspires me to want to take up crotchet.  
There is just something so cozy about Mel's creations that make me want to wrap my kids in yarn and snuggle them all day long.

Crafting is Mel's stress reliever from her every day active lifestyle.  She was taught how to crotchet by her aunt 19 years ago and hasn't stopped since. 
She's also passionate about cross stitch, scrap booking and some knitting.  

"Sitting in the kitchen of my aunt's home with scraps of yarn and the biggest crotchet hook she had, a passion was born.  At 12 my aunt would crotchet barbie clothes with the smallest thread I'd ever seen.  She would make hats and blankets, anything really.

She slowly began to show me how to with the hook and I would start her projects.  When I had mastered chaining stitches she showed me the next part, and the dream began.  I can't tell you how many scarves and afghans I've made throughout my early years but there were lots.

Fast forward to today and I have expanded my knowledge and skill level tremendously.  I love to make baby items and household items.  I prefer to crotchet with cotton yard as there is no other feeling than cotton.  It washes well and will always keep you warm.

I love to learn new techniques and have started to slowly create my own designs.  I am taking all that knowledge my aunt gave me at 12 and am using it to hopefully inspire others.  I have taken up where she has left off and have begun teaching my son how to make chain stitches.  Hopefully the art of crotchet will live on with him."  ~Mel

In The Cotton Road you will find unique crotchet items for babies, children, teens and adults including crotchet hats, shoes, slippers, bags, photo props and even some household items.

Baby Clothes
Mel creates a collection of baby clothes that are just too cute for words.  From dresses to diaper covers and cardigan's - you will simply fall in love with the beautiful color combinations and whimsical designs.

Children's Slippers
 These sweet boots with the 2 straps across the front and the toggle buttons are a must to keep your little ones footsies warm this winter.

Several color options are available to make it the perfect little boot for your boy or girl.

Newsy hats, beanies, the slouch beanie, aviator hats, wide brimmed hats and so much more - the possibilities are endless for a warm winter hat for your littles.  Mel's collection is phenomenal.  I want them ALL! 

Photo Props
 Whether you're looking for a special something for every day or that unique piece for your special occasion pics - Mel's collection of photo props doesn't disappoint.


The Cotton Road features a brilliant collection of housewares.  Dish cloths, mason jar covers, coffee cozy's, eco-friendly bags, baskets and more.

Mel was so sweet to create beautiful little hats for Alexa and Lillian.

I don't know what I love more, the hat or the cute owl logo.  

The hats are so soft and warm and just the right amount of cozy the girls love and need for these cold winter days ahead.  

Mel's work is stunning - her hat design is one of my favorites and the added flower embellishment on the front is such a thoughtful addition.

My girls will get so much use from these lovelies for years to come.

The Cotton Road :: Etsy :: Facebook

Mel would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner this beautiful handmade basket from her collection.


  1. Her 'Little Man Loafers' are the cutest!! Love them.

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