Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tiffman Handbags Review & Giveaway

I'm incredibly excited for the opportunity to feature Tiffman Handbags on Mom-a-Logues.

Amanda and Tiffany are best friends and the amazing team behind Tiffman Handbags.  They share a passion for being creative and for fashion.  They decided that starting this business was a great way to enjoy these things together.

"When we started Tiffman Handbags it was on a whim.  We first began with just making our necktie bags and then decided to spread our wings and try working with the bags made out of home decor fabric.  We were extremely successful (although not always prepared) in the very beginning.  Over the years we have learned what we need for inventory and not to put everything off until the last minute.

We have created all of our patterns and continue to come with new products to introduce each year.

We love what we do and only wish that someday we will be successful enough with it so we can do this full time and financially support ourselves.  Until then it is a second job for us and we only have to answer to each other which is the best part.  

We hope you enjoy reading a little bit about our shop and enjoy looking around."

Checkbook Covers
They are 8" wide and 4" high in the closed position.  They feature two pockets.  One will hold your checkbook and the the second holds your register.

You can also suggest a custom order and they'd be happy to create it for you.  If you'd like a checkbook cover and a handbag to match, they can accommodate that, as well.

Mini Tote 
The mini style tote purse measures approx. 11 1/2" wide and 6 1/2" high.  It features a double pocket in the inside and a magnetic closure.  Each handle measures approx. 18" long.  

This is the perfect accessory for the fun and fashionable Mom.  It easily carries a cellphone, wallet, some lip gloss and a few of your other necessities.  It's for those fun and relaxing trips to the store, sans kids!

Inside features
The inside of the bag is almost as beautiful as the outside.  The double pockets make it easy for you to keep yourself organized.

Amanda and Tiffany sure have a knack for picking the perfect fabric combinations.  

Card Pockets
These amazing card pockets are such a fashionable and organized way to keep your credit cards, gift cards or money in a safe place in your purse.

Amanda and Tiffany's clutches are the perfect accessory!
It features a single inside pocket and a magnetic closure.

These lovely ladies sent me a tote bag and a little wristlet.

I think that the fabrics could not be any more appropriate for this beautiful Fall we've been having.  It's a pretty combination of browns, greens and white.  It's a soft, corduroy type fabric, so it's extremely comfortable to carry around.  It also features the double pockets inside that are great for carrying my cellphone and keys - and keeping the small things like chapstick and a pen organized, so I can grab them quickly when I need.  I'm also a huge fan of the magnetic closure.

The adorable wristlet was a huge bonus.  I wasn't sure how much I'd use something this small, but I find myself grabbing it often for a quick run to the store when I just need my credit card and cellphone, so I don't have to carry around my large purse.

Amanda and Tiffany are such sweet ladies to work with.  They welcome custom orders and can create matching totes, checkbook covers and card wallets to make a fun gift set.  

Tiffman Handbags :: Etsy :: Facebook

Amanda & Tiffany would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner your choice of a clutch or wristlet from their collection.




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