Sunday, November 24, 2013

Whispers by Kelly Review & Giveaway

I'm thrilled for the opportunity to feature Kelly from Whispers by Kelly on Mom-a-Logues.

If you aren't familiar with this sweet children's boutique already, you will want to be after seeing Kelly's fashionable boutique-style children's clothing.

Kelly is a SAHM to 4 beautiful children.  This year she is blessed to have the opportunity to be on leave from teaching elementary school to spend more quality time with her kiddos.  She spends her days caring for her children, a colleagues child and sewing for her Etsy shop.

As a child, her mom would sew clothes and costumes for her and her brother.  She has memories of her sitting at her sewing table, using mysterious tools to cut fabric and make her creations.  She loved to peek into the little door that was to the right of the sewing machine cabinet.

Today, Kelly sews most of her items on that same sewing metal, Sears machine.  Her mom no longer chooses to sew as she once did, so about two years ago she passed her machine on to her daughter.  She also treasures her grandmother's Sears sewing machine and makes many dresses with it, as well.
In her eyes, they are beauties!

Kelly began sewing as a hobby and enjoyed creating adorable dresses and ruffle pants for her daughter.  She also has 3 sons, so she added pajamas and fun little tie shirts for them.

As she continued to sew for her daughter, it was suggested that she try to sell them.  After some thought and consideration, she began!  She is so thankful for the friends who supported her in the beginning of her adventure.  She has to credit her mom for the name of her shop.  They spent many sessions brainstorming, but it was her idea that finally stuck.

Kelly truly enjoys working with fabric, combining patterns and creating unique items.  She takes pride in the little details and have used the items she sells with her own children.

Here are some of my favorites….

Apron Dress w/ Disney Flair & Inspiration

Tie Shoulder Dress

Tie Shirts

Twirl Skirts



Kelly was so generous to design some dresses for Alexa and Lillian.

I was so surprised when the package arrived to see that she sent the sweet dresses along with an amazing coordinating cape all packages nicely in a darling drawstring, patchwork bag that was made from pieces of fabric from many of her previous dresses.  What a special touch!!

My girls and I were in awe of the dresses - the fabrics she chose are so rich and stunning.  We love the fact that the girls' dresses coordinate but don't necessarily match.  The biggest difference being the bottom hem.

I couldn't think of a more eye-catching Christmas outfit for the girls.  I love them paired with the red tights, but I want to see what they look like with black, too.  I have a feeling I might like that better.  Or one could wear red and the other black.  

They also feature a beautiful flower pin near the neck of the dress, which is a beautiful feature.  The neckline is elastic for a comfortable fit and the arms are a 3/4 length peasant style.  I also suggested to the girls that they could wear long sleeved white or black shirts underneath for added warmth.

The darling capes were such a bonus for these outfits.  I wish you all could reach through the screen and touch them - they are SO soft!!  It's a minky like fabric that is just so cuddly, Alexa even asked if she could sleep with hers.  The lining fabric is a soft satin in matching colors of red and black.

They offer a snap closure at the top and then lay over their arms for a warm snuggly look and feel.  

If you're looking for the perfect holiday dress for your little gal or a tie shirt or onsie for your little guy, look no further.  Kelly just went to the fabric store and is ready to create something special just for you! 

Whispers by Kelly :: Etsy :: Facebook

Kelly would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner a black cape, like the one Alexa received!!


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