Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy Clay Review & Giveaway

Inspired by New Orleans, influenced by the world, and crafted by hand - Happy Clay is the outflow of artisan Niki Buckley Crosby!!

Niki's beautiful work reflects her life; layers of tension, tragedy, survival and celebration.

Each piece of Happy Clay undergoes a dramatic metamorphosis at both the surface and molecular level.  In this transformation Niki and her materials work together to create aesthetically pleasing and functional piece that serves, beautifies, and makes you Happy!


Every Happy Clay platter, timber, vase and bowl goes through an 11 step process of creation.  Each object d'art is cast in a hand-formed mold; then carefully carved, sanded, and imprinted with the passion of it's creator.  This foundation of surface altering begins the visual signature that distinguishes each piece of Happy Clay long before the fire of the kiln, the weathering of the glazes or the fusion of the colors ignites its soul.  The ornamental surface layering includes patterns from ancient, wooden textile blocks collected from the nomads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, as well as 500 year old Katagami stencils from Japan.  Each piece of Happy Clay is finished with a hand-gilded flourish of 24 carat gold.


Niki is a native of New Orleans and is a world traveling mother of two.  She perfected her balance of color and motion behind the lens of the camera.  She cultivated her visually gripping aesthetic as a professional graphic designer.


Happy Clay is distinctively unique because of it's colorful exuberance, influenced by Niki's years of exposure to the mosaic of color, form and patter in the Gypsy homes of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.  This aesthetic allows a freedom, rendering and releasing a vibrant energy in every piece of Happy Clay.  Each of Niki's creations are elegantly crafted, visually opulent, and non-traditional.


I am so excited that Niki offered to send me a few of her lovely creations - a bowl and a candle.

I was drawn to Niki's shop immediately because of all the color.  It caught my eye and brought an instant smile to my face.  After conversing with Niki, I just knew this was a shop that I wanted to feature on Mom-a-Logues and share with all of you.  Her amazing personality and witty sense of humor makes her extremely fun to work with.

The bowl is such an elegant piece that could be used for decoration, holding small treats, a coffee table centerpiece, a unique addition to a wall shelf or simply a fun and colorful way to eat your cereal in the morning (or any time of the day, if you're like me!)  What's more is that it's completely dish washer safe.  

The candle is another attention grabber - not only for it's brilliant design and colors, but for the pleasing aroma of the Tahitian Gardenia soy wax, hand-poured by Niki.  You don't even have to light the candle for it to give off such a wonderful and pleasant aroma.  

I am so impressed with the quality of work Niki provides and the wonderful designs and large selection she offers.  Not one is the same, so you are sure to get a one of a kind, unique piece each and every time you order.

Happy Clay :: Etsy :: Facebook

Niki would like to generously offer one of my lucky readers this lovely candle from her collection in the Tahitian Gardenia scent.   


  1. Wow, such beautiful pieces! I love this candle!


  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE everything in her Etsy shop!! I always wished I were talented enough to do this!! These are my favorite. ♥ Thanks!!

  4. Wow, sooo beautiful!! Love everything, serious!