Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rockabella Bags Review & Giveaway

I'm extremely happy to have the opportunity to feature Gail and her amazing Rockabella Bags on Mom-a-Logues.  

For many years gail traveled extensively for business and always carried a lap top.  She had a lap top bag that she loved, but like most lap top bags it came in your choice of black nylon ooooorrr black nylon.  Not exactly fashionable!  She hoped to find something a little more colorful but that was impossible to find.  Eventually she tried one made from quilted cotton - it was cute but didn't hold up to heavy use.  So, back to the boring black nylon it was.

Until one day she discovered vinyl laminated cotton fabric!!!
This beautiful and amazing fabric came in designer prints, was strong, durable, waterproof and offered very easy care.  It was perfect for a lap top bag - or any bag.  This was the beginning of Rockabella Bag's journey.

Rainbow Chevron Pleated Tote
This colorful tote will put you over the rainbow!  
With so many uses, it's pretty much a must-have item!  Craft bag, tote, purse, every day bag - you name it!

Washable Market Tote
Tired of flimsy, unattractive market totes that aren't machine washable?
Gail offers a reusable, waterproof tote bag that is perfect for grocery shopping, the farmers market, a trip to the pool, beach or anytime you need to carry wet, damp or sticky items.  But, it's also good for dry items, too.

The tote is made from cotton fabric laminated on the inside with a thin soft, pliable waterproof layer of BPA free polyurethane, which is completely machine washable and dry able.  

Carrying around a bag full of juicy/leaky fruit from the store or wet clothes from a day at the beach - I can't think of a better option that this Rockabella market tote!!  With it's easy to wash features, it's hard to pass up.  

Lap Top Bag
THIS is the lap top bag you have been looking for!!  Not only is it stylish - it's also strong, durable, waterproof AND functional.  Who knew you could have all these wonderful options in one!!

It fits a 17" lap top in a full padded compartment and the roomy interior still has plenty of space for peripherals and other items.
It also makes a fantastic travel or weekend bag!

Gail's bags are made with 100% designer cotton fabric laminated with a thin polyurethane waterproof layer on the print side.

She was so very generous to send me one of her new totes, the Who's That Girl Border Tote!

I love this bag for so many reasons!!  It's so functional for my every day!  I use it as a purse, a tote for the girls' things and for traveling.  I can't tell you how many purses that I own that I've retired away because they've become so dirty and let's face it - they just aren't the same after washing.  With this amazing Rockabella bag, I'm able to wipe it clean or throw it in the wash and have it come out as good as new.  

It's the perfect size, too - it has a large body to carry lots of things.  I'd list all the things I've crammed in there, but the randomness of the contents I carry around daily are kind of embarrassing. 

Overall, it's just a great quality bag that is not only fun and stylish (LOVE that print), but it's fully functional and durable!

Rockabella Bags :: Etsy :: Facebook

Gail would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner this fabulous cross body messenger bag from her collection.


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