Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Taylor & June Review & Giveaway

Taylor and June is a lovely handmade boutique that offers infant onsies, child's aprons and oven mitts, children's shirts, burp cloths, bibs, gift sets, fabric hair clips, skirts and more.

Taylor and June was created by Chelsea August, out of love for unique, handmade  items.  Each piece is made by hand with fabric styles that are not typically seen on children's clothing.  She believes that children should be celebrated for their carefree spirit and innocence…the beauty of childhood is deserving of beautiful clothing.  Chelsea's daughter was the main inspiration to start Taylor & June as she had difficulty finding truly unique clothing items for her that were also durable and practical.  

Children's Aprons

Alexa and Lillian absolutely LOVE to help out in the kitchen - Lilli even loves (not even likes, but LOVES) to do the dishes.  So when they received these amazing aprons in the mail from Chelsea, they were giddy with excitement.

The fun fabrics offer a modern/vintage-y look.  They are beautiful patterns - hey, anything to help ya look cute in the kitchen, right?

I love the design with the strap around the neck and at the waist so that it's comfortable and snug, allowing them to move freely in the kitchen while they are cutting up veggies, peeling potatoes or washing up fruit.  

Chelsea's aprons are not only adorable and a cute way for your little ones to help interact with meal prep or baking, but they help keep their clothes clean, too.

Here are some of my other favorites from her shop…..


Burp Cloths/Gift Sets


Burp Cloths/Hair Accessories


Taylor and June is a sweet little boutique for your little guys and gals.  Chelsea is a sweetheart and is prepared to get started on something special just for you.

Taylor & June :: Facebook :: Website

Chelsea would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner your choice of the 2 onsies below.


  1. Such cute stuff! I love the kite onesie! http://taylorandjune.com/about/#jp-carousel-121

  2. http://taylorandjune.com/about/#jp-carousel-57

  3. http://taylorandjune.com/about/#jp-carousel-121

  4. http://taylorandjune.com/about/#jp-carousel-121 :) soooo cute

  5. Pretty sure the kite one would look ADORABLE on Turner

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  7. http://taylorandjune.com/aprons/#jp-carousel-195 love love love

  8. i love the apron with the carrots on it!

  9. I'd love to get Aubrey an Apron! http://taylorandjune.com/aprons/#jp-carousel-195