Monday, January 27, 2014

J Baby Rags Review & Giveaway {A Story About Infertility}

I am honored to share with you the story of my amazing friends and their journey with infertility.

I met Lauren through blogging a year ago this past Christmas and it's been non-stop texts, phone calls and dinner parties with our husbands since.  
It wasn't long into our friendship that Lauren shared with me her struggles of becoming a Mom.  Being a mom myself and knowing that that was all I ever wanted to be, my heart just aches for my dear friend and her inability to have what I do.  

It's times like these that being there to offer a listening ear just doesn't seem like it's quite enough.  So, I'm here today to share their story and the ways they are going about making their dreams of having a baby a reality.  

"When do you officially become a mom?

Does it happen the second you see those two lines on the test? The day the baby is actually born? Or does it happen before either of those monumental events, when the desire is planted in your heart? For most people, they don't usually have to wait too long between the desire and those two pink lines. They decide they want a baby. And bam, nine or so months later they have a baby in their arms. Some even avoid a busy part of their year so the baby arrives when it's convenient for them. Some don't even plan it at all and it happens by surprise. And then some of us? We are stuck in desire mode for a while longer than we ever wanted. My husband, Jesse and I have been trying to start a family for almost two years. We feel like parents in our hearts, but just haven't officially become mom and dad (other than to our ridiculously spoiled dogs). Infertility has been a journey that has whipped us around, and taken us on the ride of our lives. But despite the countless doctor appointments (I've had more transvaginal ultrasounds this past year than Michelle Duggar has had in her whole life), the super-ovulatory drugs that make me coo coo for cocoa cocoa puffs, the failed cycles and disappointments, my husband and I couldn't be closer. Yes. We fight. We cry. But in the end, we have each other's backs. And we know we are going to get through this journey. Stronger. And we (hopefully) will be better parents because of it. We are fighting infertility. But we refuse to let it beat us.

We are now in a place where money is standing in the way of us advancing further in our attempts. Stupid money. The supposed root of all evil is the reason we can't start a family as easily as we'd like. There are two routes we can go down. One is adoption and the other is in vitro fertilization (IVF). While adoption is a perfectly sound decision for some people, it's not something we feel called to do right now. It's a commonly asked question, "Why don't you just adopt?" First, you don't JUST adopt. It's a journey in and of itself, and while there can be so many successes, it's also riddled with roadblocks, unrecovered costs, and heartache. And in the end? You may spend a lot of money and still not have a child in your arms. We've decided to set our goals on the somewhat safer route of IVF. It's something that could cost us anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000+. The price varies because we can opt to attempt once and hope for the best (a real, live baby, yo!) or we can spend more and have three attempts, with most of our money back if we are unsuccessful. The first option of $15,000? We would get zero money back if it doesn't work. Yikes! We haven't decided what we'll do, but know that with either way comes high costs.

We both have decent paying jobs. I am a nanny (yay for infertile nannies!!) and my husband works in management at a credit union. Our health insurances has paid for almost everything up until now, and we are so thankful for that, as some couples pay every single penny out of pocket for their fertility treatments. Jesse works long hours, and I have been working extra hours, and spend several overnights a month away from home with other families (let me tell ya, not very conducive to trying to make a baby). We've cut back on excessive spending, are budgeting better, and attempting to save as best as we can. We know we won't be able to save the entire amount for IVF (especially if we go the more expensive route), but our goal is to finance as little as possible. Having a baby is expensive enough. Going into with a mountain of debt before the child is even conceived? Not ideal. Therefore I have begun a little side project creating burp rags, in hopes that it will help us reach some of our smaller goals. It's been so fun because I love being creative, but have felt myself robbed of my creativity since infertility has taken over such a large part of our life. Having a creative mind has helped me focus on something other than infertility." ~Lauren

Lauren and Jesse are selling these perfect little burp rags in packs of 3 for $20, 2 for $13 and 1 for $7 in their Etsy shop, J Baby Rags.  

As a nanny, Lauren has used a plethora of burp rags over the years. Her J Baby Rags, with their soft flannel fabric and adorable patterns, have been her favorite to use by far.  Baby puke is not cute.  But these burp rags can make it look a tiny bit cuter. ;)

I've been able to see many of Lauren's designs in person and I don't think I've run across a more thought-out pattern.  They are curved perfectly to wear over your shoulder and are super soft for baby.  Many of our friend who've recently had babies have been raving about these sweet burp rags.  They are practical and absorbent - exactly what they are intended for.

Lauren and Jesse are looking for ways to expand their shop and have included the bandana big for infants and those drooling/teething toddlers.  

They have the options of a velcro or snap closure and have a polyurethane laminate liner in the middle for those super soakers.  

Lauren's obsession with JoAnn's Fabric store has her shop overflowing with all the latest and greatest fabric designs for boys and girls, as well as gender neutral colors.  There is something for everyones style preference.  One thing is certain, you will have the most fashionable spit-upy baby and slobbery toddler! 

 Lauren with some of her happy customers…..

Lauren and Jesse are inspirations for those going through infertility or not.  They have set the bar for holding out hope and keeping a positive, optimistic attitude with this situation they were given.

I'm so proud of them for embarking on this J Baby Rags adventure together.  Yes, Lauren does all the sewing and has been working late hours to get her shop up and running, but Jesse is right there with her, taking trips to the fabric store, cutting out burp rags and just being there for support.  I'm also proud of them for bringing so much awareness to infertility.  

If all this hasn't made you fall in love with them and their story - for every burp rag/bandana bib sold, they donate a burp rag/bandana bib to families who provide infant foster care in our area.  While adoption and foster car isn't something that is realistic for them right now, they still want to recognize those that selflessly give to those little ones so much in need, and make their journey a little bit easier.

J Baby Rags make the perfect gift for that mama-to-be or stock up for yourself.  Lauren is excited for the opportunity to create something for you and your little ones.  You will not only be protecting yourself from spit and drool but helping my friend and her dream of becoming a Mama!

Questions about J Baby Rags?  Going through infertility yourself?  
Contact Lauren through email or her other social media sites.

J Baby Rags :: Etsy :: Facebook :: Blog :: Instagram 

Lauren and Jesse would like to offer one of my lucky readers a burp rag and matching bandana bib from their collection.  Your choice of a boy, girl or neutral pattern.


  1. I'd love to get a set and keep them for a potential baby #2 someday or give them as a gift.

  2. I'd keep them for myself, as we're hoping to be starting our family soon!