Monday, April 7, 2014

Harperism Design Co. Review & Giveaway

I'm thrilled for the opportunity to feature Keri and her beautiful shop, Harperism Designs Co. on Mom-a-Logues.  I love the true sense of family that's implemented in each of her pieces. 

Harperism Design Company was inspired by one woman's life, her ability to tell her story through her poetry and the legacy she left behind.  In her book (unpublished), titled "My Life in Rhyme," Frances Harper, Keri's grandmother, captures the very things she experienced, believed in and instilled in our family.  Even when writing about the most ordinary of things, she had a way with words that evoked feeling and emotion that captured your heart.  

As a dedicated wife, mother to 8, grandmother to 17, and servant to the Lord, she instilled in her children , the importance and value of family.  She was a very strong woman, who in her very ordinary life, created something extraordinary, and that something came to be known in their family as Harperism.   

Since Keri was young she has always been drawn to two things, typography and things that touch the heart.  As a graphic designer with a deep appreciation for white space, she wanted to combine her love for design with her love for her grandmother's poetry and legacy.  Her hope is that each piece someone chooses to hang in their home, touches their heart.  Harperism is more than just poems and products, It is a way of life and a love of family, deep rooted in traditions and faith, that they hope to share with the world through each of their pieces.  

In one of her poems of how to write a poem, Frances writes, "the words just seem to fall into place like wind takes to a kite".  This was so true for her and Keri's hope is that her words might touch you as they've touched her and her family.  

Everybody has a legacy to leave behind, a story to be told and Keri feels so blessed that God has given her the chance to share hers with the world. 
{found on "our story" page}

I think it's absolutely beautiful that each piece was inspired by Keri's amazing grandmother.  She sounds like a one of a kind gem and she would be so proud of Keri and her family for carrying on her legacy through their art.

Harperism Design Co. features amazing wood signs, pillows, coasters and other home decor.  Any piece would be an amazing treasure for your home, as a special gift to a friend or as a wedding/shower gift.

Keri was so generous to send my family this beautiful sign for our home.

We have it hanging on a shelf on the wall above out TV, so it's a major focal point in our living room.  I cannot love this piece any more - from the colors, to the beautiful phrase, it's just perfect.

From day one of mine and Adam's relationship he's always said to me, I love you because you're you!  So, when I showed him this sign he immediately had the biggest smile on his face and said, hey - that's what I say to you!  And the fact that it was written as a poem by Keri's grandmother about her grandfather even makes it more special.  

The piece is so beautifully made.  I love the hand painted look and the bright red colors in the font.  

Harperism Design Co. offers a great collation of gifts of home decor pieces for yourself or as a gift for any occasion.

Harperism Design Co.  :: Website :: Facebook :: Etsy

Keri would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner a $25 GC to spend as you wish in her shop!


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