Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ashwood Boutique Review & Giveaway

Ashwood Boutique is an Etsy shop that offers an array of handmade items from scarves, baby items and wood works.  Ashley is the lovely owner and designer.  She was so so generous to send my family 2 samples of her soy wax melts for our home.

We received the pumpkin souffle and cinneberries fragrances. 

The cinneberries offers a juicy orange and tangy fruit that accents the warm spiced berry signature of this scent.  Clove and cinnamon blend with sugared raspberry for holiday appeal as hints of vanilla create lingering sweetness.

The pumpkin souffle offers the experience of fresh-baked pumpkin pie - redolent with warm spice notes and creamy body with the extra richness of caramelized sugar and a thin veil of toasted hazelnut.

I am all about having a beautiful smelling home.  We have kids and we have dogs - but, I don't necessarily want my guests to get the whiff of dirty socks and stinky dogs when they walk into our house.  I love that when people come over the compliment the fragrance.  I always have a candle burning for that warm aroma almost all year round.  

Last year I was given a sweet owl lamp that holds the wax candle melts from my mother in law.  I absolutely love it and the little owl is glowing all the time.  Just by opening the packages of Ashley's wax melts, I know that come Fall I'm going to have some very festive scents filling my home. 

Ashley has quite the variety of scents including Gingerbread, Mocha Mint, Melon Medley, French Vanilla, Pearberry, Candy Cane & so many more.  Something to satisfy everyone's desire!

Ashley also hand creates a huge collection of fine jewelry.  She sent me this beautiful turquoise hemp infinity bracelet that I just can't get enough of.  I have worn it every day since it arrived.  It's so small and light-weight, but offers a unique look to my jewelry collection!

Necklaces, bracelets and more...

Now is as good time as any to refresh some of your spring/summer outfits with some new statement jewelry!
Ashley is super sweet and is excited to get started working with you on that special piece!

Ashwood Boutique :: Etsy :: Facebook

Ashley would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner a Spring Infinity Scarf from the colors listed below (rainbow sherbet is out of stock). 


  1. I love this infinity bracelet... So simple & beautiful!

  2. These are so pretty!

  3. sounds amazing!


  5. I love this! It actually made me tear up a little.