Monday, June 23, 2014

Sibbotery Review & Giveaway

I absolutely LOVE pottery.  Simple as that.  Love it!

I have such an appreciation for those you are skilled enough to create such beautiful, useful pieces from a glob of clay.  It's a talent that I wish I had.  Nonetheless, it inspires me and thankfully, I met a really great gal who possesses such a wonderful gift of amazing pottery....

"My name is Cheryl and I'm originally from Philadelphia, PA. In 2006, I moved to Texas and shortly after pursued a hidden interest and curiosity I dreamed about since my first museum visit as a child - learning to make pottery on the potters wheel. Years of instruction, workshops and informal education and here we are. It was love at first "throw" and I have never looked back. The process wound up becoming a great personal lesson for me: never wait to pursue your passions. Pottery is much more than a hobby - it is a constant challenge and an opportunity for me to express myself in a meaningful and lasting way. It is also another way to view the world and life through form, color, texture and depth.
Today, I maintain a quaint studio space where I work collaboratively with other artists who inspire and motivate me. I work exclusively with hi-fire clay, fired to cone 10 which produces very strong, durable and functional stoneware. I like to produce items that serve a purpose - drinking vessels, serving ware and more. My work is also available locally in Austin, TX at a local pottery gallery."

Cheryl was so generous to send my family a collection of 3 ice-cream bowls from her amazing Etsy shop, Sibbotery.

We eat ice-cream on the daily in this house, so it was a no brainier to choose these fabulous bowls for our favorite treat.

They were thrown on a potter's wheel using a porcelaneous stoneware that fires strong and near white.
Each bowl comfortably holds 3 scoops of your favorite ice-cream (we've squeezed quite a few more ;)).  They feature a unique "button" hand carved stamp to help you distinguish your bowl among the three.
They are such a perfect size and fit in the palm of your hand!  My kids adore them and use them not only for ice-cream, but cereal, crackers and other snacks, too.  I simply love them for home decor pieces.

Cheryl's work is inspired by her passion for working with clay and creating things people will love.  

Her shop features a wide variety of items including functional bowls, cups, platters and more.

"I believe magic comes from the most benign of circumstances.  I think that is the element of pottery that fascinated me as a young child.  When I took my first pottery class decades later, that fascination was confirmed.  Pottery is alchemy.

Since then I've thrown hundreds of cups, bowls, vases and jars.  The more I create, the more I learn about the craft and myself.  Each piece I throw or hand build begins as a seed of thought married to a mound of earth.  From firing to finishing to glazing it takes on a new life and new dimension.

Over time, my work has been used to celebrate the union of two souls.  It has been used to serve meals, brighten up a room, or to add a splash of color on a table or mantle.  In every one of those instances, I have the honor of sharing in a moment of beauty or love or comfort.  In those moments, I am reminded that in some way - we are all connected.

And it all begins with a ball of clay.  I love that."


Sibbotery :: Etsy :: Facebook :: Website

Cheryl would like to offer this amazing 4 pc bowl set {shown below} to one of my lucky readers.


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