Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Magna Memo's Review & Giveaway

I love when people come into my home and compliment my decor.  Mostly because it's all handmade and I get to share with them who made it, where it came from and why it's special to me and my family.  Recently, I've added a few new pieces to my collection that I just simply can't get enough of. The lovely Karen at Magna Memos makes the most beautiful, decorative, themed, framed, magnetic and dry erase memo boards.  I have two of them in my home now and I can't wait to add more some day.

About Karen....

"My name is Karen and I am the creator, designer, owner, and "worker bee" behind Magna Memos.  I live in a suburb of Seattle, WA called Kirkland with my wonderful husband Bill who is quite a 'worker bee' himself.  I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, and although I miss my hometown and family that still lives there, I love living in Seattle and have made a successful transition to being a 'north westerner'.  

I create beautiful magnetic dry and erase memo boards in designer styles and eye catching themes.  I have been creating, working and perfecting my craft for about 6 years now, but only started selling at local art and craft shows about 5 years ago, and have been selling on ETSY for almost 4 years.

I always knew I had a whimsically artistic side.  I admire my mother greatly who is a very talented artist with an incredible gift for sketching, watercolor painting, needlework, and anything crafty.  The ability to draw and paint was unfortunately not something I inherited from her, but I could always at least express myself through a variety of other arts and crafts and a creative outlet was always part of my childhood and not my adult life.  I wish I would have kept some of the crazy and wonderful things I created years ago!

I've always been very technically minded, so I tend to create things that had use and function instead of only looking pretty.  I also loved food, cooking and the science of it all.  So much so, that I ended up studying Food Science in college, and currently have a successful career working in the industry of applying that knowledge experience.  That's my full time gig... :)

As I continued to satisfy my creative and whimsical side by working on a variety of art/craft projects, I stumbled on the idea of changing up the idea of a memo board.  It was the day my nephew requested that I made him something so he could keep track of the teams in the major league baseball post season.  Strange for sure, nut necessity is the mother of invention, right?  So I created a magnetic board (similar to the boards I sell today) in a baseball theme that had mini helmets for all the teams with magnets on the back that he could use to keep up with the baseball standings.  This entire contraption could be hung on the wall in his room.  He loved it and still uses it to this day.  But more importantly, it was the seed of an idea for a fun, designer and functional memo board.

I soon got lost in thinking about other styles and themes of the same project I could create for other people in my life.  My mom that loved art, my sister that loves fashion, my brother that is a foodie, my friend that sews.  What a wonderful personal gift, and it was all about the themes and designs.  I made them for friends and relatives and they all have me rave reviews.  I never intended to turn it into a business, but it was a solid concept and it seemed to be stuck in my head.  Something interested and pretty to hang on your wall that is also functional!  How awesome!  I had created something beautiful and it had a purpose, my creative and technical sides were colliding!!! My science brain and my creative side were both satisfied and I was really enjoying my craft.

Then the moment so many of the sellers on ETSY hear....My husband says, "Ya know, you should sell these..."  Magna Memos was born."

I love her thoughts on creating something that not only looks pretty, but also has a functional purpose.    I tend to think that way, too...."ok, that looks interesting...but, what does it do?" ;)

Something that's really important to me is keeping myself and my family organized and on the same page.  I'm a total list maker and note taker.  I color code our calendar and leave reminders to myself or my husband all the time.

Karen's magnetic memo boards not only allow me to write on them, but also post my lists or reminder notes with the magnets.  I can't tell you how easy and functional they are.  My husband has even reminded me to check the memo board when I get home from work.  If there isn't a note to 'empty the dish washer' then there is something sweet written like...'dinner's ready in the fridge'.  I love it!

Besides their functional abilities, they are absolutely gorgeous and work magnificently well in our home.  Karen has a keen eye for design and what works together and what doesn't.  I love her creativity!

Some important things to know about Karen's memo boards...

- Hanging hardware comes already attached to the back and is two sturdy sawtooth hangers.

- Highest quality magnets are used for the gem magnets.  No wimpy magnets here!

- High gauge acrylic is used for durability and resistance to clouding.  Any dry erase marker works on the dry erase surface and wipes clean with a soft cloth or tissue.

- Karen only works with wood frames that are cut, assembled, and painted or stained per her order.

- She can usually ship boards within one week, and will ship all over the world.

These memo boards would make a fantastic gift for a friend or yourself.

Magna Memos :: Etsy :: Facebook :: Pinterest :: Instagram :: Twitter 

Karen is so generously offering one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner this beautiful summery beach themed magna memo board from her collection.


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