Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pocket Koozie Review & Discount

It's summer, you're out on the boat, driving from one bar to the next, sipping or chugging on your favorite cold beverage, enjoying time with your friends - - the last thing you want to worry about is lugging around your purse, right?  But, where you do you keep your extra cash or check card?  You're in a swimsuit, so pockets are out of the question.  Well, how about your can koozie??  That's right...probably one of the BEST summer inventions yet.  

The Pocket Koozie offers not only offers insulation to keep your beer cold, but it also features pockets to keep those essentials close by without having to carry them in a purse.  And let's face it, most often that drink isn't too far from our hands no matter what the event....softball games, out on the golf course, at the beach or bar hopping with friends.

The Pocket Koozie can easily hold a pen, your credit card, some cash, a hotel key and even a kool-aid drink pouch for the kids.  Sending them on a ay trip to the pool?  Make sure their water bottle stays cold with the Pocket Koozie and that they have that house key tucked safely inside. 

 Pocket Koozie's come in many different colors and designs.  Something for everything style preference!  You can get them custom designed with your name, monogram or company logo for bigger corporate events.

Alexa and Lillian have been enjoying there Pocket Koozie's this summer!!  They each have their names on them as well as a picture of Elsa from the movie Frozen, their favorite!!  They love to tuck a fruit snack or other treat in the pocket to carry along with their lemonade or water.  

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