Saturday, July 12, 2014

Talona Rustics {Mason Jar} Review

I'm excited to be featuring Dianne and her shop, Talona Rustics, on Mom-a-Logues today.  I am a HUGE fan of Mason Jars and have tried to incorporate them into my life through many ways.  We use them as our drinking glasses, for smoothies, flower vases, candy jars..ect.  I just can't get enough of them.

Talona Rustics offers hand painted mason jar bathroom sets, soap dispensers, flower vases and more.

About Dianne, 

"Hello, I have a small shop in the beautiful North Georgia mountains, where I get to create colorful products to be enjoyed by others. I grew up in Florida and later Georgia, and was greatly influenced by my parents. I remember my Mother making yo-yo quilts by hand and my brightly colored school dresses on her sewing machine. She patiently welcomed me along side her, answered question after question, teaching me to sew at age 8. My father always encouraged us and taught us hands on, believing we could do anything we earnestly attempted.
I am so blessed to live in the country among the beautiful little towns nestled along the mountainsides. I enjoy small town living, stopping in little shops around the town square, exploring in my classic '73 VW bug, discovering unique road side stands and taking home the freshest produce and sometimes that special one of a kind find.
It is very satisfying, creating an item that will be enjoyed by someone else."

- Flower vase
- Toothbrush holder
- Soap dispenser
- Cotton ball jar
- Q-tip holder

This awesome set could be the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom or guest room.  
The toothbrush holder will hold at least 4 brushes, offering plenty of room for the brushes to slide in and out of grid easily.  And who doesn't love a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers to wake up to?  The quart flower vase is such a fun feature to this great set.  You can choose a smaller pint size flower vase, if they quart size is too big for your space.

The stainless steel soap pump is constructed for longevity, with an internal stainless steel spring and glass ball for years of quality performance and smooth operation.

- Toothbrush holder
- Soap dispenser

Depending on your needs and space, you may prefer a smaller 2 pc bathroom set or the 3 pc set.  I love these options for a cottage or cabin, apartment or condo.

- Toothbrush holder
- Soap dispenser
- Q-tip holder

Dianne's quart size mason jar vases are layered with color and distressed to reveal a deeper shade underneath. This adds a touch of cottage charm to your home or outdoor wedding.  There are 17+ colors to choose from, so there is something for everyone's taste.

Dianne sent my family this beautiful 5 pc bathroom set for our home.  I have it in our guest bathroom right now and absolutely love all the compliments we've gotten from our friends and family!  It matches perfectly with our decor in that room and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of work Dianne provides in her product.  

When we have guests over I always want to make sure their needs are accommodated.  Sometimes they are traveling from a distance and the last thing I want them to worry about is being without some of their bathroom essentials.  I have a basket full of travel sized soaps, shampoos, shavers, face wipes, ect. 

And now I have a perfect and beautiful way to provide them with other essentials like q-tips, cotton balls and a new toothbrush and some fresh flowers. ;)

The yellow soap dispenser in our kitchen is one of my all time favorite pieces.  I just love the look of mason jars and having the dispenser there for obvious reasons is so nice, but it's also such a cute decor piece.

For more information...

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