Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dream Duffel Review

Christmas morning has nothing on the day my girls' Dream Duffel showed up on our doorstep.
The excitement was overwhelming!  

My girls have only been in dance one year, but they pretty much jumped in head first and have no plans to come up for air.  They are head over heels in love with their studio and all the classes they've been able to take.  We experienced their first major dance recital in June and I have to honestly chalk it up to one of the most fun weekends of our lives so far.  Seeing my little girls up there on that big stage, dancing away to every beat just made this mama bear's heart soar.  To read all about it, click HERE!

They each took four classes, which means 8 dances, 8 costumes, 6 pair of shoes, 6 pair of tights, 2 hair pieces, make-up, safety pins, bobbi pins.....and a whole bunch of chaos.  I was so stressed out just getting them ready for picture day let alone their recital where they had to change costumes back stage and in less than 3 minutes time sometimes.  YIKES!!!  

Enter the ONE thing that can alleviate the stress and keep all your dance gear organized......THE DREAM DUFFEL!

It looks like a giant suitcase on wheels, right??  WRONG!  It is SO.MUCH.MORE!!!!

This incredible duffel is literally a dancers dream come true.  This thing is large enough to carry all your costumes, shoes, accessories, snacks and so so so much more.

The front features two pockets, one of which is insulated for snacks and a water bottle.  Often times recital's or dance competitions last an entire day, so having an insulated spot to carry your lunch/dinner or snack is such a huge bonus.

The Dream Duffel features other outside pockets, too, that will carry a little stool, make-up and other accessories.

But, probably the most useful thing about the Dream Duffel is that it has a one-touch telescoping garment rack.  

I am telling you, there is nothing more handy than having a place to hang all your costumes during recital.  You dance moms out there know exactly how chaotic it can be during quick costume changes where there is such little time in between numbers.  Having this garment rack is a lifesaver for keeping costumes off the floor and from getting trampled on and lost.

There is also many mesh pockets lining the inside to hold shoes, accessories and more.  There is no excuse to be unorganized anymore dancers.

The inside of the Dream Duffel is huge.  This is the medium size and offers a large amount of space to hold up to 9 costumes (I've even heard from some that you can squeeze in more).
There are hooks on the sides inside the duffel that you can hook the hangers on to lay the costumes all flat so they won't bunch up while the duffel is upright and traveling.

Watch this quick video on how to set up and take down your Dream Duffel.


 - The Dream Duffel comes in 3 sizes; small (22x17x15) , medium (26x16x17) 
and large (34x18x17).

- The small dream duffel will hold up to 5 costumes, the medium up to 9 costumes and the large up to 15 costumes.

- Each duffel includes a one touch telescoping garment rack, with a new rack height of 52".

- Dream Duffel's include an insulated snack pocket.

- 2 blank patches are included that are found on the top and side of the Dream Duffel's.  They can be embroidered for personalization through the Dream Duffel website.  

My girls have just begun the wonderful world of dance and I am happy to have them continue their journey with an amazing Dream Duffel that will not only keep them organized, but me as well.  Being they are still pretty young and need help backstage, I couldn't have asked for a better product.  The quality and design is top notch and well worth the money spent.  We look forward to using it this season as they join the competition teams at their studio.

Be sure to check out all the amazing accessories that Dream Duffel offers.  I will be ordered some garment bags very soon.  Another fabulous way to keep all the girls' costumes together with pockets for shoes, tights, accessories..ect. I cannot wait!!  

Dream Duffel is offering a SALE right now on a select number of their Dream Duffel's.  And visit their factory second's page, too, for more great deals.

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  1. I will need to file this one away for when avrie really gets into dance, that looks AWESOME. I cant wait for her to begin classes next month!!!!! :D

  2. Amazing! Now that Aubrey's in dance and starts up again in a few weeks... I will have to remember this!