Friday, August 22, 2014

Pigsey Art Review

I'm excited to introduce you all to the lovely Brandy from Pigsey Art.

"Who knew a musty old 1970's book about paper crafts for kids would one day lead to a life obsession with utilizing paper in everything? Though I formally started Pigsey Art in 2007, I have been making items out of paper for others my whole life. From my youth of creating paper toys and selling them to my siblings for 50 cents a piece to my adult years of handbinding journals for friends, I have always known paper was my future. Making it formally into a business one day seemed inevitable.

As a one-woman business based out of Austin, Texas, I've dedicated Pigsey Art to showcasing paper at it's best. A love of writing should be continued to be cultivated and I hope to do so by producing quality journals and home goods inspired by books and paper.

Participating in art shows around Austin is easily my favourite part of owning a handmade business. I love meeting and visiting with customers while collectively geeking out over writing and books. Austin is such a fantastic town that really appreciates carefully curated handmade goods.

The arrival of two piglets in the last few years has meant many changes for myself and Pigsey Art, but making journals is in my blood. I'll never lose the thrill of fresh paper under my hands or pouring through antique books full of illustrations from days past.

I'm a strong believer in the craft community and the strength we can lend each other through cooperation. I was an early founding member of Austin Craft Riot (formerly known as Etsy Austin) and have held a variety of offices in the group including Co-President. Communities are what makes humans shine and I love to shine with all you wonderful people! "

And speaking of shining...Brandy sent me this beautiful "I just want to shine on" journal from her collection.

I love to write.  I'm a blogger, so I'm sure that's no big surprise.  But, there are some things that are meant for just me.  Whether it be hopes and dreams, a rough or especially happy day, love notes to my hubby..ect.  sometimes it's nice to free hand them to paper rather than share them with the entire world.  

I have a strong obsession with journals for this reason and I have collected quite a few over the years.  It's nice to have one handy in several different locations so when the thoughts are there I don't have to reach too far to jot them down.

Brandy's journal is especially fabulous because it's handmade.  She designs and laser cut's the cover out of 100% recycled kraft chipboard and also binds the journals herself.

 The first sheet of paper in the journal will be a high quality piece of 100# cardstock of your color choice. 50 sheets of blank 70# text paper fill the rest of the journal with another piece of chipboard for the back. The paper measures 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches plus the black spiral binding.

I absolutely love this journal.  Brandy does exceptional work.  Her passion of creating transforms into my passion of writing and I am grateful for her to allow me the chance to use her beautiful creation for my writing.

Brandy offers a wide selection of other laser cut designs as well as color options to suite your style.

For more information visit Pigsey Art on Etsy and Facebook.

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